THANK YOU for stopping by my lovely corner within the Internet! My name is Alice. I am Techie & who doubles as a Lifestyle Blogger. Are you surprised? 

I stumbled upon blogging and content creation through my sole searching process as a young modern African woman stuck in the middle of circumstances.

I mainly write about my deep found love for African Natural Hair  and what led me to transition to Natural Hair. My hair type is 4C.


Do you want to transition from relaxed to natural hair? and are stuck at how to go about it? I transitioned from relaxed to natural hair about two and a half years ago and I would confidently say that my hair is fully natural now. I have the 4C natural hair type, with high porosity and a coarse texture.


There are things that we say at work and we don’t know are not appropriate to be uttered in the corporate space. They don’t sound professional at all. You will be shocked at how often both you and I have said things unconsciously not knowing they may be detrimental to our career growth and journey.

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Mizizzi is derived from the Swahili word mizizi which means roots.

I wear different hats-a techie, a natural hair blogger and a model.

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Do you know there are the 3 stages of hair growth and hair is simply dead keratin and dead skin cells? There is no such thing as making your hair grow overnight. I’m sure you have come across that phrase a couple of times on some YouTube videos. I do not think it is even possible to grow your hair faster in a week.