THANK YOU for stopping by my lovely corner within the Internet! I’m Alice, a Natural Hair blogger from Kenya. I have 4C Natural Hair and went natural 2 years ago. Since then I often get comments like “what’s wrong with your hair?” , or ” I love your hair, what do you use?”

I am a Techie by profession and also a digital creator. I created the brand ‘Mizizzi’ to document my 4C natural hair journey. The sole purpose of this platform is to offer tips to those who are determined to maintain their hair in its natural  state or/and are struggling to find a workable regimen for their 4C natural hair.

I share tips on keeping 4C natural hair looking healthy.  Besides, I encourage women who choose to wear their hair the natural way to be confident and comfortable as they go about their daily lives.

To be honest, it’s the genuine love and burning passion that I have for my 4C hair that keeps me going.

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The reason I opted to transition to natural hair is that for the longest time I had a dry and itchy scalp that was full of dandruff. 

I have been on a mission to find out what works best for my hair and scalp without leaving it dry and itchy. That way I have found what works for my hair and scalp.

If you are looking for healthy ways and tips to take care of your natural hair, especially 4c hair from home while maintaining a healthy-hair regimen, subscribe to Mizizzi YouTube channel and watch my video tutorials on how to moisturize, detangle, shampoo, deep condition and generally taking good care of your hair from home.




Mizizzi is derived from the Swahili word mizizi which means roots.

I wear different hats-a techie, a writer, a natural hair blogger and model.

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Do you know there are the 3 stages of hair growth and hair is simply dead keratin and dead skin cells? There is no such thing as making your hair grow overnight. I’m sure you have come across that phrase a couple of times on some YouTube videos. I do not think it is even possible to grow your hair faster in a week.

One of the most asked questions is how to take care of 4C natural hair and keep it moisturized. That question is often asked because 4C is one of the hair types within 4 range of hair types that has proved very challenging to take care of for many.

…Also, I begin picturing my closet and start thinking of the best outfit for the shot. I’m that kind of person. I basically choose my outfits remotely, sometimes I go through my clothes but rarely.

Hello virtual friends, have you thought of how to wear a romper best?

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