Hello, my name is Alice which means noble or kind. Welcome to my online space-Mizizzi.

Mizizzi is derived from the Swahili word mizizi which means roots.

Two things that I'm really passionate about in this life are technology and African natural hair. Are you surprised by this combination? Well, I'm as baffled as you are.

Technology is broad and therefore I would be specific and say I love creating digital content and designing a space like this one. I also love to talk about digital marketing and the role the Internet plays in business success today, particularly, small businesses.

I am in deep love with African natural hair and for the past few years I have been exploring that side of life. My hair type is 4C and for the longest time I struggled to find products and ways of managing it in its natural state.

There is this feeling of peace and tranquility that comes with having my hair in its natural state.

I also have a special series coming up for young Women In Tech trying to find a niche in the male dominated field. Stay tuned!

Ladies, welcome to Mizizzi, Our Roots.