Books Every Woman Should Read

Books every woman should read

They say to understand the world read and understand yourself write and just as I have a few books every woman should read.

With that in mind,  there is no better way to start my blog posts for the year. I want to share some of the books I have I read that have contributed to the woman I am today. I consider the timing of these readings perfect.

I spent the better part of 2021 researching about self-development and motivational books to read as a young woman. I came across many books and managed to purchase some of them. Currently, I am still reading but would want to share five of the best books that I read so far.

I embarked on a reading journey and embraced the reading culture that I bid farewell to many years after completing my university studies.

In addition, I came to the realization that I had to develop a reading culture to compliment the writing that I do. Although I am a techie by profession, I find peace in writing. I would write any day to save my life. That is the reason I started Mizizzi, a personal development and motivation blog.

Books Every Woman Should Read

Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel

This is definitely necessary read for any woman who is keen in improving at the workplace. I read every word, every sentence, every paragraph and every chapter and nod in agreement. Lois Frankel talks about the Unconscious Mistakes Women Make that Sabotage Their Careers. I have made like half of those mistakes she has stated in this book. What I like about her style of writing is that she states the mistakes with examples, and goes ahead to state a remedy to the mistake with a clear example as well. It makes all the time one spends reading the book worth.

Frankel talks elaborates on how to act, how to think, how to brand and market oneself, how to sound, how to look and how to respond in the workplace. This book is a must read for any woman in the corporate space who wans to grow grow.

I particularly resonated most with the chapter that is about how to respond to situations at the workplace. Here, the author does not shy away from mentioning even the smallest things that we do not stop to think about such as taking notes, getting coffee and making copies.

She warns about tendencies such as accepting dead end assignments, exhibiting too much patience, putting the needs of others before your own, allowing yourself to be the scapegoat and denying your power among many other mistakes women make in the corporate world.

Definitely, every woman should read this book. Although, the target audience for this book is women, having read it I would advise men to have a look as well. Half of the lessons here do not only apply to women but also to men.

Books Every Woman Should Read

Atomic Habits by James Clear

After reading the Atomic Habits by Clear, I started making my bed and tidying my room every morning. James talks about the little tiny things that we could do to make a big difference over time.

He makes it clear that by doing tiny little bits of pieces one could achieve a bigger goal in the end. He draws tis logic from his own personal life experience.

He shades light on need to be patient and not expect to succeed in a day without putting in any proper work.

He states categorically that by for example, getting into a daily habit reading of reading one improves their lives and over a certain period one gains a great deal out of that habit.

This book speaks to my soul whenever I am anxious and I feel like I am not doing anything meaningful with myself. It reminds us to take small little steps at a time and each day a time. I would recommend this to every woman.

James Clear emphasizes of the importance of identifying a goal and setting in place actions that when you perform over time will get you to your end goal. More of his work is available on his website. Where you can also download a free Chapter 1 of his best-selling book the Atomic Habits.

Most importantly, the author talks about building good habits and breaking bad ones.

Books Every Woman Should Read

Love in Color By Bolu Babalola, a woman’s read

Bolu Babalola description love is unique and solid. She tells different love stories from different cultures and takes time to educate us on the beliefs and ways of the particular group of people. I love her style of describing love and the choice of words is intentional as well.

She does not hold back her feelings in her writing and one can tell by reading her short stories is that love rules the word. She makes love look and sound very beautiful and what we get from her work is that every culture has their own way of expressing love.

This should definitely be very woman’s read.

Books Every Woman Should Read

Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk by Ben Carson

This is one of my saddest but also one of the most powerful reads of all time any woman should consider reading.

I read two of Ben Carson’s books (Think Big and Gifted Hands) way before I joined school high. I was probably 10 or 11.

I was taken aback when reading Take the Risk. Perhaps, the reason I set my eyes on it as an adult. I still remember this particular chapter when he talks about taking a risk to separate conjoined twins who were the age of 29 who ended up not surviving. This was a sad part to read. I went numb for a few minutes because I didn’t see the story unfolding this way. I was sad for the twins and devastated for the author, the neurosurgeon himself. I put the book aside for some time.  When I continued reading, the lesson of taking risks finally made sense to me.

He goes ahead to mention how his fellow doctors advised him not undertake that because of the reputation it would cause to his career but he went ahead and of course did not succeed. To me the takeaway he gained was more than the reputation damage it would have probably caused him.

Would you rather sit back and not take risks because of the fear of failing? By not taking risks and trying out new and challenging things, we miss out on many opportunities and once in a lifetime experiences.

Think about that business you did not start because of fear of not making profit to sustain the business and yourself. That relationship you really let go because of fear of what people would say. That job you did not partake because you don’t like waking up early or staying up late but deep down you know that is a good catch.

My overall takeaway from this book is to go for that which you want to accomplish no matter the circumstances and the noise from all corners. At the end of whether you succeed or fail, you leave with great lessons and experiences.

I am encourage that every time I start a new thing or embark on an adventure that blows up on my very own face; I collect the pieces and move on swiftly.

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