How to wear navy blue

How to wear navy blue

Well, it is valentine’s season and nobody is probably thinking of how to wear navy blue. Nevertheless, your girl here is currently obsessed with the likes of navy blue. All that is common at the moment are shades of red. We see them popping in several stores and on the online platforms you may have recently visited.

Navy blue is associated with trustworthiness

Did you know navy blue is associated with silence, trustworthiness, calmness, and peace? Wow! What a sense of assurance?

Before I talk about my dress, I would like to bring the truth that not every woman goes for red and a shade of red during Valentine’s. Some find red too screaming which is okay. That’s why we are discussing how to wear navy blue.

Color and preference

Not me though, I love red and every bright color the universe has to offer. Some ladies prefer to rock the likes of light blue, purple, black among other shades during Valentine’s.

Can you wear navy blue for other occasions?

Equally worth noting that going for a darker color like navy blue isn’t a bad choice at all. Also, just by the nature of that color one; you can wear it when attending a wedding, a party, a funeral, a dinner, and even for VALENTINES NIGHT OUT.

Why a bold color is a good investment for your wardrobe

There is no particular tag given to this color which makes it an excellent investment for your wardrobe. Besides, the flexibility in that you can attend different many occasions in navy blue is just amazing.

Why my dress still fits even after 6 years

Just to bring into perspective what I’m talking about I decided to take a few snaps in my navy blue dress. Lord, I have had this dress for close to 6 years now. Every time I step out in it, the compliments I get are overwhelming!

Believe me, this is one of the most authentic and quality pieces I have ever thrifted ). The material is pure cotton if I’m not wrong and stretches a bit. And that’s how I wear my navy blue this Valentine’s season.

What I like most about this dress is that because of the elasticity and nature of the cotton, it has managed to accommodate my body which has really adjusted over the years.

I’m just trying to avoid saying that I have grown bigger in size over the 6 years I have had my dress. Ooops! Not a big deal to me though. I mean that’s half a dozen years.


Outstanding traits of navy blue

  1. It has a cooling and a sedative effect on the body.
  2. It is a color of authority and confidence
  3. Because very few foods come in shades of blue, navy blue can be used as an appetite suppressant.
  4. The color is associated with survival i.e. transitioning from one stage to another and enduring what comes ahead.


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