5 Lessons I Have Learned in my Twenties

5 lessons learnt in my twenties

What are some of the 5 lessons you have learned in your twenties and over the years especially as a young adult trying to pursue your goals and experiencing life in its true wholesomeness? I woke up to a very hot cup of tea. Life is a cup of tea and it’s all how you make it. Two chilly beef sausages, I’m that specific. My usual two slices of brown bread will never miss in my breakfast menu. No veggies because I’m not going to pretend, I like them especially in this morning winter kind of weather.

My breakfast menu-a banana is a must

At this point, I guess that’s enough, and I need a stop. I forgot one thing; a banana is part of this breakfast menu as well. End of the breakfast menu.

I am techy by profession. Therefore, the first thing I touch in the morning, after fixing my breakfast, is apart from my phone is my laptop. It is ever on my couched and the charger plugged into the nearby socket.

The technician stained my white couch

I then sit on my off-white velvet couch and think to myself, ‘what if I spend the time, I do make mistakes surfing the Internet as I do now, reading books like I started when the COVID-19 pandemic hit or learning a new language?’

Then, I whispered to almost immediately myself, if that were the case, I would be an extra perfect person. I am not you human.

We are all human and not perfect is another lesson I learned in my twenties. Allow yourself to be human.

Different people value different things5 lessons I have learned in my twenties

Suddenly, the faint blue ink that the technician fixing my Wi-Fi left on my couch catches my attention again. I see not be getting over this. I wonder what he was doing with blue ink though. It is not part of fixing an Internet connection.

In the beginning, the stain was too much, and I managed to clean it to a faint blue mark that’s almost unnoticeable, but I notice it. It still bothers me and every time I imagine how I kept my seats clean just for an outsider to come and create a mess.

Someone else would say it’s just a stain let it go just like the technician didn’t find it a big deal when I mentioned that he had stained my seats and not made me aware until I noticed the mess when he was about to leave. Again, DIFFERENT PEOPLE VALUE DIFFERENT THINGS. That should be part of the five lessons I highlighted below as learned in my twenties but I consider it whole in itself. This is worth discussing on its own in a new post.

5 lessons learnt in my twenties

Things change for the better5 lessons I have learned in my twenties

I look at the flawless picture my younger brother took of me in the garden using and I’m in awe. I. convinced that nothing is permanent and things change. THINGS CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. This is a hard-to-believe lesson I have learned in my twenties. I will mention five changes that I have managed to draw 5 best lessons learned in my twenties.

5 lessons learnt in my twenties

Live with no regrets-5 lessons I learned in my twenties

I’m no longer as petite as I was then. This is something I still think to date would not change. The comments endured every day of how slim and underweight I was. None of these people understand that is a season. There are seasons in life. In addition, chubby people also have enough of such humiliating comments. I’m still petite although, I gained a few extra pounds with no regrets whatsoever. I don’t believe in regrets. I move on whatsoever.

God does help through every process

I’m now a full-grown adult who takes care of herself and has a full-time time job. Nobody helps through the process but GOD does. Around the time, I took this picture, I would hear stories of how difficult it was to get into the corporate world unless you are connected; meaning you know somebody like a family member or friend who would help you out,

5 lessons learnt in my twenties

Stay true to what you feel comfortable in

I relaxed my hair back years back. Now, love natural hair and have fully embraced my 4C natural hair journey. I have been natural for two full years and managed to grow a bush of hair. My hair is now thick strong and healthy. Sometimes I ask myself why I had to relax my hair. Again, how would I have known natural hair was this beautiful and versatile?

Know what your values-5 lessons I learned in my twenties

I was sort of indecisive years back in my younger days, but this girl knows what she wants now. Right now, I sense negative vibes miles away when they are coming my way. I can say this is the best transition that can ever happen to anybody. I’m now solid and firm in my actions, what I say, who I bring into my circle, and I say no when it does not align with my values and ideologies. Although, I would admit that this takes time and a lot of experience. Keeping an open mind has also enabled me to arrive here. I’m not perfect yet or anything close to perfect but I have made major strides that are worth a pat on the back.

Do not pursue your goals with a sense of urgency

I no longer move with a sense of urgency when pursuing any goals, I have set for myself. Instead, I leave the urgency behind, find my purpose, and dive into my true passions. I take my time and enjoy every moment of the process. This the most important lesson out of the five I have learned in my twenties.

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