Some Insightful Ideas for the Christmas and the Holiday Season

Christmas ideas

Here are some Insightful ideas for the Christmas and the Holiday Season if you are wondering how to meaningfully spend your Christmas.

I’m also here to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022 from the bottom of my heart.

My name is Alice and I started this platform called mIzizzi to document my 4C natural hair journey and also share some inspiration about life. Mizizi means roots in Swahili.

Well, Christmas is the time of the year when we have travel, have fun the most, get to get together our families and relatives and just have the time of our lives.

At least that’s the nor for many. We also exchange a lot of gifts during Christmas more than we do during the other seasons of the year.

As you spend Christmas and the holidays this year, there are a few things to remember.

Some prefer to spend Christmas alone; others have nobody to spend time with

But there are those amongst us who are spending Christmas alone for one reason or another. There are those who prefer to spend this day alone just because they like it that way. On the contrary, there are those who literally have nobody to spend this special day with.

Christmas 2021

Remember to tell your loved ones that you “love them”

From the world facing a pandemic that’s really changed the way we live; the reality of life is evident in our eyes. Well, at least I know life is not guaranteed and I live through each moment and day with gratitude and to the fullest.

If you have brothers and sisters, friends, and most importantly parents and even grandparents always remind them that you love and care for them. You never know whether this is the last Christmas you get to celebrate with them.

Buy presents for those in your life

Surprise your parents with that dream home, surprise your mum with that car, buy your siblings presents, and let them know that you love and care for them. Buy a special treat for yourself. Travel to your dream destination. If love the beach, find some surreal spot for yourself and your family. If you have the city vibes, try New York but don’t quote e here. If you love road trips why not hit the road in your new BMW or the old Volkswagen your grandparents gifted, you?

Christmas ideas

An act of kindness to the less fortunate goes a long way

In life, we are not all blessed the same way. You are lucky to have a cozy home with your family because someone else is sleeping on the streets daily and is homeless. Why not show up for them with food during this special time of the year?

There are children who don’t have parents and stay in children’s homes, why not visit them, spend time with them, buy them food and clothing and just reassure them that the world is full of love.

And then there the sick in the hospital who haven’t left their sickbeds for God knows how long. It could before months, could be for an entire year, could be for more, show up for them with some flowers and goodies. In this way, they are reminded that they are not alone, and people still care about them.

The street children sleep in the cold every single day of the day, whether it’s freezing cold, boiling hot. Throughout the year they bear the scorching heat of the sun and the heavy drops of the rain. Think about something you could do to make their living conditions better.

A time of thanksgiving to God

Remember to thank God for keeping you alive and healthy throughout the year. Many would have wished to see and celebrate on this day, different but life threw them storms. Some passed away, some are in hospital, some are battling depression and addictions, some lost their jobs and are in despair, and some among us have nothing to celebrate about. So, thank God that you can celebrate and be with spend time with your loved ones.

Reflect on the year that’s ending and plan for the coming year

It is a good practice to take time and reflect and meditate on certain things. This could be some backslides you had in the year and what plans you have for the new year.

What are some of your biggest achievements of the year? What are some of your lowest moments of the year?

Did you gain something to lose or gain something special?

What do you think you would have done differently?

What are you planning to achieve in the coming year?

Are you planning to travel to a different place in the coming year? Are you planning to have a career change in the coming year? Are you planning a wedding in the coming year?

Are you buying a house in the new year?

Are you relocating to a different country or continent in the coming year?

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